What is

investment consulting


Formulating unique divergent thinking opportunities

Di•verg•ent Thinking

( verb )

is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions.

Divergent Thinking typically occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing, 'non-linear' manner, such that many ideas are generated in an emergent cognitive fashion for a superior result or answer to provide a unique edge.


divergence in progress...

Connecting Overlapping Dots of Multiple Realities

Every event contains "another side to the story", and no one version is absolute reality. By connecting the overlapping pieces in each version of reality, we can frame a pattern or connection. Verified confirmation points through interlinked logic and additional research allow us to create a highly accurate basis for intelligent predictions.

Current Connections & Future Opportunities between:

Macroeconomic Extrapolations

Climate Change Shifts & Natural Disasters

Energy Landscape Predictions

Agribusiness Threats

Hi-Tech Movements

Socio-Humanitarian Risks

Off-Limits Contemplations

Connective Risks Focusing on:


Predictions & 'Bottom Line' Summaries

  • Commodity prices
  • Economic shifts
  • Climate truth vs. fraud
  • Looking ahead – what’ll happen in 2019 & beyond?
  • Potential black swans // big events
  • Geopolitical situations & threats to nations / humanity
  • Opportunities to make & save money
  • Technology & how it can change our world
  • Firm / stock investment recommendations (short/long)


Research Topics & Advisement

  • Parascience / Quantum / Tesla / Dimensions
  • Consciousness, Cosmos, Matrix, Gaia, Evolution, Taoism
  • Preparedness
  • BRICS, Cryptocurrency & Trade
  • New Paradigm Health & Disease
  • Transhumanism
  • ‘Red Pill’ (out of the Matrix) Knowledge
  • Computing & Quantum Supremacy
  • Exopolitics
  • ‘Fake or Real?’ – evaluations of media news (like is Yellowstone Super-Volcano a real threat??)


Touch-Point Maps

Sketches / drawings on specific important subjects … labeling up to 17 “touch-points”, showing how everything is connected … providing insights as to how different unrelated things are or can be associated, allied and linked in various ways.